Installing New Harddisk in Ubuntu

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For installing the new SATA3 2TB hard disk on my Ubuntu 12.04 workstation, I basically took all info from the following page:

The install steps were as follows:

  1. plug the disk in
  2. (install +) start GParted
  3. partitioning and adding the disk
    • select the new disk (top right)
    • created a msdos partition table (under menu entry "Device")
    • created a new primary partition with ext4 file system
    • execute the settings by clicking on the checkmark button
    • checked with sudo fdsik -l if there is a new disk
      => the disk was there as /dev/sdb
    • created a new folder /media/data to mount the disk there later on
    • change the folder permissions for /media/data so that everybody can read and write(!) with chmod 777 -R
    • it now possible to mount the disk using sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/data (However, I haven't tested it, and instead mounted and unmounted the disk via a mouse on the new desktop icon)
  4. make sure we have the new disk available on startup:
    • check what is the UUID using sudo blkid
    • perhaps make a copy of it first: sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab_copy_24abril2015
    • edit fstab file: sudo nano fstab.
      so in my case I added the line: #UUID=8bd20968-2af2-4bf4-a898-e692f391134c /media/data ext4 defaults 0 2
    • now reboot or: mount the new disk with sudo mount /media/data (=> its a bit weird, but this command is without defining the place where to mount is, so I guess the system reads this info from the fstab entry)